Tales from Nanumea

Tales from Nanumea is an animated series based on the myths and legends of Nanumea, Tuvalu an island in the Pacific Ocean.

It was created by George “Siosi” Samuels to help preserve Tuvaluan culture in the face of rising ocean levels and global warming.

Some of the aims of the project include (but are not limited to):

  • Preserving Tuvaluan culture, stories and oral traditions
  • Raising awareness of global warming
  • Bridging generational and epistemological gaps through animation
  • Inspiring discussion and conversation between Youth and Elders

George created three animated shorts (all self-funded) between 2007-2009, which garnered a lot of support and attention, resulting in the project it is now currently in. George and his team are currently in pre-production for Episode 4, which was successfully funded through crowd-funding.

Check out the first three episodes below.

Tales From Nanumea series, Episode 1 Pai & Vau.

Traditions say that the first people to be found on the island of Nanumea, Tuvalu, were two women, Pai and Vau. Tefolaha (a man whose true origins are debated to be either Samoan or Tongan) tricked the two women, with the use of his spiritual prowess, into thinking that he was the true founder of the land. As a result, Pai and Vau were forced to leave the island, leaving Tefolaha as the new founder, guardian and protector.


Tales From Nanumea series, Episode 2 Te Lima

Te Lima. It’s about an ancient Nanumean (Tuvaluan) power that is unique to only a select few families. However, over time, its power has been both elusive and mystical. This is dedicated to my ancestors so that our people may remember the old stories that are slowly being forgotten.


Tales from Nanumea series, Episode 3 The Defeat of Tulaapoupou

Long ago, a war was waged between two nations: Tonga and Nanumea (currently an islet of Tuvalu). The Tongans set out to destroy the Nanmeans, over the death of a fallen prince, but even their strongest warrior, a giant by the name of Tulaapoupou, was no match for the likes of Nanumea’s protector, Lapi.


These stories and animations were created and shared with the WIN community by George Samuels, Creative Director of Siosism™

For more information about the Tales from Nanumea visit http://www.talesfromnanumea.com/

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