New tools to support Indigenous land management – The NAILSMA I-Tracker Land Patrol Application



Indigenous land and sea managers are responsible for vast amounts of land across north Australia and undertake a range of management activities to protect and maintain the natural and cultural values of their Indigenous estate. In order to fulfil traditional and contemporary land management priorities, Indigenous land managers are combining Indigenous Knowledge with western science to achieve better land management outcomes. I-Tracker, an initiative of the North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance (NAILSMA), uses world famous CyberTracker software to create digital data applications for use by Indigenous rangers to collect, analyse and report on their work activities. An I-Tracker Land Patrol Application (LPA) has been developed with input from Traditional Owners, Indigenous ranger groups, scientists, researchers and government and non-government agencies. The LPA enables rangers to collect standardised data while allowing for customisations to reflect local and regionally specific priorities. The vigorous consultation process used in the development of the LPA ensured that the application is scientifically robust, easy to use in the field and addresses Indigenous land management objectives. Indigenous ranger groups are using the data collected with the LPA to inform community management decisions and address local and regional management priorities.

Speaker Bios

Jennifer Creek

My name is Jennifer Creek, I was born in Coen, Cape York Peninsula, North Queensland, Australia. I have lived in Coen all my life.
I attended high school at Mt St Bernard College in Herberton, and went to Business College in Cairns for two years.
Coen is in Kaantju area on the south side of town is Ayapathu area.
I am Kaantju/Uutaalnganu from my father’s side and Ayapathu/LamaLama from my mother’s side. I identify myself as a Kaantju women.
There are six different clan groups living in Coen – Ayapathu, LamaLama, Kaantju, Umpila, wik Munkaan and Oolkolo.
I connect to four totems from my father’s side. I work with elders and young people from the six clan groups. I am the coordinator for ALLKUMO Malkari Dance Team and have been for the past thirty years.
I started work as a Ranger in 2009, and I enjoy working on my country. As a Cultural Heritage Officer, I work to record and document our sacred sites, cultural mapping and recording and teaching the Kaantju language.
My knowledge of the land and language, as well as undertaking aCert III in Linguists, has helped me to develop a Kaantju dictionary that I would like to publish next year.
I also run a successful hire car business in Coencalled “Coen Car Hire”, which started in November, 2010.

Erica McCreedy

Erica McCreedy was born in Palmerston North on the north island of New Zealand. Erica is of Ngati Raukawa and Ngati Porou descent.
Erica is an I-Tracker Project Development Officer for the North Australia Land and Sea Management Alliance Limited (NAILSMA). I-Tracker is short for ‘Indigenous Tracker’. It is a project that supports Indigenous land and sea managers across north Australia to undertake natural and cultural resource monitoring, research and management activities using digital technology and equipment. Through the I-Tracker project, NAILSMA provides training and on-going technical support to Traditional Owners and Indigenous ranger groups across north Australia.
Erica has worked in natural resource management across northern Australia for the last five years. She worked as an Environmental and GIS officer for a private land management company specialising in fire and weed management prior to taking on her role with NAILSMA two years ago. Erica has completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Indigenous Knowledge Systems at Charles Darwin University, a Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Studies and Media Communications from Southern Cross University, and is currently undertaking a Master’s degree in Tropical Environmental Management at Charles Darwin University.

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