“Indigenous Peoples’ & Communities’ Pavilion: Traditional Knowledge for Climate Action” (Pavilion) at the 22nd Conference of the Parties (COP 22)

The “Indigenous Peoples’ & Communities’ Pavilion: Traditional Knowledge for Climate Action” hosted a total of 65 events and 12 exhibitions at the UN Climate Conference (COP 22) in Marrakech, Morocco, from 7-18 November 2016. The Pavilion focused on the contribution of indigenous peoples, communities and traditional knowledge, technologies and management practices to climate change mitigation and adaptation. As a sharing space providing a platform for traditional knowledge contributions to climate action in the Civil Society Space, the Pavilion was a great success. See the website here for more information and to read reports.

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  1. Traditional knowledge for Climate action is going to held in Morocco which is very important for Indigenous peoples rights, livelihood and traditional lifestyle. As indigenous biodiversity professional, Since long time, I have been working on traditional knowledge, practices, bio-culture, customary sustainable use and rights of IPs in Nepal.

    Rights of IPs and future generation will be forcefully displacement because of many was IPs rights are now become weak. So we good to make our voice strong, collective and structured in global.

    I am happy to contribute our experiences and values.
    Kamal Rai Kiranti Chituwa, Samarung Sampang
    Indigenous knowledge and Peoples Network
    SWBC Nepal
    Po Box 12476

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